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Sea Swell Design has two types of buckwheat hull pillows which are specifically designed to be used for traveling. With each type of pillow we have gone through an extensive number of precursors in an effort to develop the best possible design.

When you comparing prices check the weight of our pillows - they have a lot more stuffing inside.


US customers save $$$ - NO TAX!

Travel Pillow (approx. 1 3/4 lbs. of hulls)

Our Cervical Neck Travel Pillow (commonly referred to as a travel pillow) has three design features which set it apart from the rest. 



  1. It has a gusset along the inner surface of the U which allows the pillow to easily bunch up against the neck and provide superior support.

  2. Although not visible in the photograph, the gusset is made of two fabrics. The outer fabric is cozy fleece and is stitched to 100% cotton poplin on the inside. The cotton reduces the stretch of the inner portion of the U and the pillow hugs your neck more cozily.

  3. The arms of the U in our pillow are designed in such a way that when you lean forward to pick up a drink or magazine the pillow tends to stay on your neck and not fall behind your back.
The cervical Travel Pillow is also available in Red and Royal Blue.





Regular Price $33.75 USD / $45.61 CAD

Navy and White Moss and White Red and White Royal Blue and White










The Walkabout (approx. 14" x 9" / 1 1/2 lbs. of hulls)


Called the ' Walkabout' because not only is it a great travel pillow but its small size makes this the ultimate portable pillow - take it anywhere! Comfortable and form fitting, carry this pillow in any bag wherever you go. Sit on it to make a hard chair soft and easy to sit on. Need to take a nap? The Walkabout makes the perfect nap pillow - anytime, anywhere! This is the ultimate take with you, all purpose pillow.

The Walkabout also makes a great Lumbar pillow. It was designed with use in the car and the office in mind. It is rectangular, has a nylon inner liner and a fleece cover. Both the liner and the fleece have zippers so that the pillows thickness can be adjusted. Your back will thank you!



Regular Price $20.55 USD / $27.77 CAD

Navy Fleece Moss Fleece Royal Blue Fleece








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