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The purpose of a website is to provide the web-surfer (the public) with up to date clear information regarding a particular subject matter. In our case buckwheat hull products. Within our site we have endeavored to describe all products as accurately and clearly as possible. Should you wish further information on any of our products or on the information we provide please contact us by e-mail at


Copyright Law (For the Consumer)


People wishing to purchase a product or just shopping on the net are welcome to make a copy of the any page(s) on this site that they like for personal reference purposes only. The use of copied pages for the purpose of generating revenues is strictly prohibited. Creating a clear informative website takes a great deal of time and creativity. Please respect the efforts of web designers and web authors. 

The Following companies have unscrupulously copied sections of our site and are using them to promote and sell their products. We would greatly appreciate your effort in NOT supporting unscrupulous companies. Thank for your help.

Copyright Laws (For Commercial Purposes)


In surfing the web our webmaster has noticed that some competitor companies have copied some of our web pages. One particular company copied our logo, our, text and even our photographs.  It is unfortunate that some companies find it necessary to copy the works of others. Only and have permission to use material on this site for commercial purposes. The use of copied material from this site for the purpose of generating revenues is strictly prohibited. All written and graphic work within this site is original work. Seaswell keeps dated copies of all files written and created by the Seaswell editors since Seaswell's inaugural web appearance. Should you see any other site with copies of our text, logo, slogans, or graphics please contact us by e-mail at   Within your e-mail would you please send us the URL of the Law Breaking Site.  Cracking down on people wishing to make money through plagiarism, copyright violations, trade mark infringement, and passing off is the responsibility of all who use the web. Thank you.



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